“Endangered” Status of Monarch Butterfly Reversed?

In a surprising turn of events, an October 2023 headline announced that the IUCN had retracted its previous declaration, stating that Monarch butterflies were no longer considered endangered. This reversal has brought added complexity to the ongoing debate surrounding their status. You can access the full article on this change HERE

While many Monarch advocates, myself included, had previously questioned the timing of the IUCN's decision, it's crucial to note that the IUCN is not the governing body responsible for determining the endangered status in the United States; that authority rests with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services, expected to make their official ruling in September 2024. This recent development emphasizes the importance of verifying information and its potential impact on support for Monarch and pollinator conservation efforts. It serves as a compelling reminder of the need for a discerning and vigilant approach when interpreting and reacting to wildlife conservation news.

We invite you to explore the article to gain a deeper understanding of this evolving narrative. Regardless of the IUCN's reversal, the ongoing work of creating additional habitat for Monarchs and planting Milkweed to support their populations, as well as those of other vital pollinators, remains paramount. Consistent and dedicated conservation efforts are key to ensuring the well-being of these remarkable butterflies.


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