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Success doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen alone. If you own a golf course, a corporation with open space, or privately-owned land parcels; or are a grower, nursery owner, or can help our mission, we need your help saving the Monarch from extinction.

Partnerships in Education

Still cutting your plastic six-pack rings? Education around environmental issues can create benefits for generations. Our partners in education teach kids of all ages about the risks and opportunities facing monarchs and other important pollinators.

The need for physical habitat also provides a rich, hands-on learning experience. Kids are quick to recognize the benefits of being environmental stewards and grow to be strong advocates for conservation.

Partnerships in Development and Agriculture

The clearest benefit of our partnerships with property owners and maintainers is the huge opportunity to create new habitat utilizing existing (and otherwise underutilized) spaces.

Some of our most important work involves developing relationships and partnerships with property owners, developers, farmers, landscapers and nursery owners. These partnerships, large and small, spread awareness and have the potential to exponentially improve the odds for endangered monarch butterflies.

Milkweed as a crop

  • Important and regionally-specific seed propagation
  • Agriculture jobs for harvesting seed pods
  • Pod “Fluff” can be used for bedding and as an alternative to cotton/polyester fill
  • Fiber production from stalks (dormant plants) for use in textiles
  • Milkweed Seed Oil can be used in making cosmetics
  • Paper and pulp products

Monarchs in the Rough is a partnership between Audubon International and Environmental Defense Fund and works to build habitat in the roughs and around bunkers at golf courses all over the United States.

Do you manage a course that isn’t already a partner or know someone who does? You can reach out here:

Aren’t sure if your local Golf Course is a Monarchs in the Rough partner? View an interactive map of current participants over at

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